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Is George Will Un-American or Just an Insufferable Elitist? | April 16, 2009

In an article/screed today, George Will decries Americans’ love affair with denim and blue jeans. He tells the story of Levi Strauss inventing jeans. He also indicates that, in his entire life, he has owned but one pair which he has only worn once to a party which required that everyone be in jeans. Doesn’t George know that wearing jeans is one thing that virtually all Americans can agree on? They are uniquely American. Created for our early economic development (use by those prospecting for gold), they now are owned by most men, women and children in the nation. Jeans are generally cheap, comfortable and non-determinative of class, social status, education level or other things. Jeans are truly non-discriminatory. Rich, Poor, Blacks, Whites, Native Americans, Asians, Blue Bloods and Immigrants all wear and enjoy jeans. Why does George have a problem. Is it in some way retaliatory for someone telling him that his use of bow ties is “European”? By his own admission, he has virtually no experience as a jeans wearer or owner. For such a Libertarian type of fellow, it is hypocritical to hear him foisting his anti-denim values on the rest of us. Perhaps he should avoid being an arbiter of good taste and focus on subjects for which he is capable of more inciteful and knowledgeable commentary. George, how about another good book on baseball?

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